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A qualified Education Counsellor, Christopher regularly helps students who want to study in Australia, writing statements of purpose and assisting in the construction of reference letters.



Finding a teacher who can guide you in the construction of a well written and articulated statement of purpose can make a difference to your university application.  Each SOP is of course different, as each student has a different set of ambitions and previous experiences.  Chris takes the time to work with the student, look at the entry requirements and modify a document specifically for each student.


As an IELTS and TOEFL teacher Chris gives students of all levels the skills necessary to study in Australia or the UK

                      " A teacher awakens a student's inner thirst for knowledge and

creates a passion for learning."



  Graduate Diploma of Teaching Specialising in Secondary Teaching 2014 ...

Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) 

Work Experience in Australia

Alison deserves to know how to read _ by Chris Bauman

Portfolio  / Career Personality Profile


Christopher is an Australian born teacher/ trainer who grew up in Brisbane, South-East Queensland.  For the last 15 years Chris has been involved in teaching, in many different forms.  While in Australia, he primarily taught adults the art of public speaking in Toastmasters, however since arriving in Taiwan in 2007, he has found that he also has a strong talent for writing and teaching younger students how to write well.  

Combining all his strengths, Christopher now teaches both business owners and teachers in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung.  Students readily embrace his teaching style and he feels extremely proud when he can see that his students are doing well.







Embracing Technology... 

For younger students Chris also uses a full Online Interactive Student Testing, Tracking & Training Program.  Students receive an individual login and both parents and teachers can monitor progress.



 Student applications to study in Australia





Identifying that many of the students in Taiwan are struggling with their English writing,

Chris specializes in teaching persuasive and Narrative writing. 





Some of the organisations, companies & people he has helped along the way...


Video - Click here


Live School current Company


Feedback Taipei
Feedback Kaohsiung


Phone - 5501135


School .

Professional Trainer            Student - Queene Tsai Fushan Junior High School (福山國中) )Student - Janet Wang

LiveABC recognizes Chris as a valuable employee and gave him the opportunity to train others around the country of Taiwan. Achieving fantastic results in his own classrooms, Chris now shares his teaching practice in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung. He has now taught school owners, school leaders and teachers techniques that they can apply in their classrooms immediately, effective raising the levels of students in their care. 



"Teacher Chris, thanks to you I got first place honorsand in the top 5 students at my university.  I am so happy" Queene

1st Place Honors 
Reference for Student    


"Thanks for everything you
have done for our students.  
Your writing courseand speaking
course are helping our students greatly. The student resultswere great." Sally
Student Work
Sherry's work &comment
Penny's work  &comment 
Joy's Work
Joyce's work
Wilson's work

Ray"s work
*Parent Survey

Speaking Class

Discussing the Book

Preparing 1 2

In Class   1  2 

Teaching adult students advanced speaking, listening and reading.  Chris is in his element in this environment.




1, 2, 3 
Rueisiang Senior High School (link)  Student - Tony (Manager) Sanmin Senior High_School Interview training IELTS - Innovative English Language Training School 

Advanced English Conversation Class Year 11 Students

"Thank you again for the wonderful class. Students love you and we miss you already!

Best wishes"

Sandra Wu

"Hi Chris, I am using what you 
taught me when i go to Japan
and negotiate for stock to 
supply my company
The podcasts (2) 
helped a lot too.  Thebusiness vocabularyandsample tests came in handy too.

Thank you." Tony

Chris, thank you for appraising and working with our students on their interview skills. Your experience and feedback has helped them to prepare a lot more effectively for their up and coming interviews. Teaching Adult students the skills necessary to study successfully in Australia. Chris is happy to be promoting his home. 

 Vance  Dr Jack Liu University entrance interviews  Student - Annie (7-9 yrs)
"Hi Teacher Chris: I just wanted to tell you that 
Vance's school teacher said that his writing is 
fantastic.  Vance is now performing better than most of his classmates"
Vance's Mum - Stella :D  

Samples of his 
1st2nd / 3rd

"I am a medical doctor who 
needs to be able to speak 
English with confidence.  
Your classes are great.  
I always go home feeling 
energized after a lesson."
Sincerely, Jack.
Chris lectures at various high schools in Taiwan helping students develop interviewskills. Plus extra Uni entrance questions  Chris, Thank you so much. Annie is 
writing well, reading and understanding 
the full length Harry Potter
novels. She recently created 
a PP presentation on book 7 
and a 5 minute speech, all
in English. Your teaching is fantastic, It has given her a big advantage:)





William  Julia  Student - Janet Master of International Relations (Editing)

Studying a Master of International Relations at Melbourne University 2015 - 2016, Chris was able assist me with the the editing of my assignments.  I completed my last assignment in November and am now heading back to Taiwan to pursue other interests.
 For Taiwanese students wanting to study here....have a look at this helpful link.

Language requirements

Focusing on Listening and speaking, Julia wanted to be able to engage in better conversation when she travels overseas.

Hotel booking

Hotel Booking 2



 "Chris, after coming back from England, I am now the HRM manager for ELITE school in Kaohsiung 菁英語言教育中心and have joined was\Toastmasters.  I am so happy to have you as my mentor." Janet


IELTS = 6.5  SOP
Reference for Student

IELTS test score

IELTS = 6.5  SOP
Reference for Student


1:1 Tutor 1400nt/hour

Pass IELTS       1600nt/hour


700 for 500 words, 1200 for 1000 words, 2000 for 2000 words, 2500 for 2500-3000 words





"You cannot teach a man anything.  You can only help him find it within himself" Galileo Galilei




The resourcefulness to collect tools and information that is not only used for teaching, but to help his students too, especially those wanting to study in Australia ...  


Study In Australia  Chris in the News  News

Primary and Secondary Education for International 
Students at Australian Schools

10 Facts about studying in Australia
Australian Office Taipei
Study with Teacher Chris in Australia
Watch the Education Australia YouTube video
Study in Australia
Entry Requirements
Student Visa
Life in Australia Book + Visa information
Study Wizard
Student perspective
IELTS Course in Australia
Compare schools in Australia
Tourism Australia
Transferable skills template
Attracting Students to Aussie Universities

Study in the UK
University Admissions UK
Education UK
6 steps to applying
Application toolkit
Additional resources


Expert opinion for English pronunciation
Online English Course Interview

Schools of Interest in Australia

Ormiston College

St Margaret's Anglican School

UQ St Lucia Campus IELTS


Australia - China free trade deal

Falling literacy in Australia

Ultra low cost college education

Australian 2020 _ China strategic plan

St Laurence college page 1 (Page 2)

Reinventing Education

Do schools kill creativity?

Changing schools for the 21st century 

A Lesson in Education

Asian Century & Australia

Foreign Language Teachers in Demand

YouTube Higher Education

Future Chinese teaching in Australia

Putting projects online, not lectures

The modern teacher

Education - One Size Fits One

Kids to Learn second language

Australian Tourism _ Chinese News

Education system in Malaysia

Language skills vital to an Asian led world

Aussie Students Online

Lessons from the worlds top school systems

Aussie Students fall up to 2 years behind Asian students

International Student English Needs to be Higher

Looking at Education

4 Million Dollar Teacher

Creating a level playing field

The power of "Not Yet"

Reshaping jobs

 Australian Curriculum Register as a teacher in Australia               Ethics

English - Australian Curriculum and Resources

Australian Curriculum (class planning strategies)

CCEs & their Relevence
CCE's Test info
General Capabilities _ Australian Curriculum
Prep to Yr 10 English, History, Maths Science
Sample Work Program
NSW Syllabus
Teaching Strategies list (book lists)

NAPLAN Writing test preparation
Advice on reading texts


Agent Training Course

Agent Ethics (The London Statement)

ENGLISH Australia


England Curriculum and resources
Teacher recruitment in the UK
International Schools
About the UK
Project Britain
Fashion trends

Education Queensland
Qld College of Teachers
Catholic Education Qld
Independent Schools Qld
Teacher Employment in Australia
Teaching jobs in Aust and O/S
Interview Questions for teachers
Jobs / Registration Q & A

MySchool open data for Australian schools

Lectora - Online Authoring tool

Articulate authoring tool 

Job Boards

USQ Career Hub

Second most desired country for jobs


Teaching positions

USQ - Going Global




Australian teaching Standards

Standards of teaching and ethics

Education goals for young Australians

Pre service Teachers - Professional Standards

Code of Ethics in QLD

Life Changers

Words hurt



CyberSmart Qld Government

 About Australia Finding the right words  Misc Teaching Resources

Dept of immigration PDF

Life in Australia + Visa information

Taiwanese Stars in Australia / Part 2


No arms, no legs, no worries

Getaway - Brisbane


I am, we are, you are Australia

Immigration to Australia

Australian Exports

Modern Australian Fashion 

Aboriginal Culture

Beach Culture



The right words

Foreign student on RotaryExchange


Impromptu Speaking








Google Classroom

Marking papers

How student submit an assignment

Updated Aug 2018 - Student assignment submissions

Updated Classroom Aug 2018



Assessment tools



plickers (demo)




Online Business Analysis tool

CRAM - click here






Test your English
Anglia placement test written
Lines for younger learners
Quiz lines for kids
Productive Pedagogy
National Geographic
BBC YouTube Listening
ESOL Teacher Support
teacher registration
Professional Associations
Writing your own teaching portfolio
EdmodoScreencastTeaching Channel
Turn it in
Modern Lessons
Learning styles test page
Teaching to diff learning styles
QCS ( QLD Core Skills Test)
Teaching reading 12 , 3
Horse Whisperer (What I learnt)
IELTS About the test for teachers
IELTS teachers guide

IELTS Exercises
IELTS writing task 1a 
IELTS writing task 1b
IELTS writing task 2a
IELTS writing task 2b 

IELTS Reading steps

IELTS speaking steps (break down

IELTS Listening Steps

IELTS Writing steps (Charts 20 min) 

IELTS Writing task 2 steps (Persuasive 40min)

Procedure IELTS Task 1 

Procedure IELTS Task 2

IELTS intermediate - Organising Paragraphs

Literal v Inferential questions

Using content clues

Reading engagment

Questions for classroom

Bloom  - Qu page Summary

Bloom - (Advanced) (Samples)

Classroom Questioning

Google search Tips

kindy links

Write and improve correction tool


Stories and analogies

Metaphors & similes

Teaching creativity

Making Better Classrooms

4 kinds or creative writing

Teacher Summary page - Super Summaries

TOEFL Reading test tips

British Council adult teaching resources


50 educational podcasts

 Preparing for a job Career Advice  Peer Feedback

Brutally honest cover letter

Cover letter writing styles

What not to put on your resume

Linked IN RESUME advice

5 ways to prep for your next job

top 10 interview Questions(me)

Smarter interview questions

Do you have any questions for us?

6 more questions to ask from brazen

Writing a great follow up email

Emails that get noticed


Tell me about yourself

Develop your personal elevator pitch
part 2 / part 3

Problems with Elevator Pitches

Personal brand

The Brazen Careerist by Penelope Trunk

10 Soft career skills that you should develop 


Getting noticed by recruiters

Turn a job interview into a job

7 interview questions

Emotional intelligence interview Qu

Hiring good communicators

A resume tells a story

Why someone with overseas experience is a good hire

20 seconds to sell ..

Clothing Choices

Advice to find a career 

Taking a career chance

Career change

Advancing your career

The first hour of every day

High Dives & Career Risk-What you can learn

Screwing up could be a good career move

Using Props to help land dream job

Life at a crossroads

Getting ahead

Looking for a career change

A different path to career success






Learning Chinese

Why Jim Rogers is getting his 
kids to learn Chinese (Interview)

Basic conversations
Pronunciation with pin yin
Character stroke order

Ber Per mer Fer 

Wenzao Recruitment





The Future Management Tools  Taiwan as a destination


AR - Augmented Reality

Engaging Entrepreneurs
Resilience Training : source
Changing the style of conferencing
Google plus
Learning General Capabilities
21st Century Skills
Teaching Creativity and Entrepreneurship 
Kids and introducing them to social media
All kids are motivated to learn





Tiny Pulse
Au Data Warehouse
Google AdWords
Google Trends
Google Insights (Travel & Tourism)
Online Courses

Changing Company Herirarchy for a flat structure

File converter

Make a GIF

Find the lowest price on Amazon

Sending large files

When taking a road trip

Repair stuff


Taiwan 24/7

Night Markets

Food (receipt Numbers)

An interesting place to visit / work/ live


Housing market in Taiwan

Wenzao Portal

- Management in education

- Introduction to research Method

- Foreign Language Teaching Method

Wenzao E-cloud

Ethics Course

Wenzao Course Subjects 2018

OWL Referencing steps

 Motivational  Writing  Creativity

No Arms, no legs, no worries
German coastguard

background music




Theatre Sports 1

Template for kids Narrative writing

Calming the mind

Chris' first try at a video in Chinese

Narrative writing samples & PR

Business plan Template ...

IELTS resources

Flipped Classroom

Flipped classroom video

What is a paragraph

How to negotiate



CPR video

Team building / Problem Solving

Super fast Business podcasts


The Importance of writing well
Why books are the ultimate business card
Taking a sabbatical to help your career
Battling writers block and winning
Teaching Writing - Some Strategies
Structuring a Unit - Strategies for writing
Collaborative Writing
Online writing
Publishing a book
Blogging tips
make a living writing
Finding your writing voice
Crowd sourcing the editing of books

Narrative topic

Finding better words - young writers

Persuasive topic

Marking guide

Australian school of copywriting

Original thinkers

Can you learn to be creative?

looking at creativity from different angles

problem solving


How schools kill creativity

Mistakes, just mean that you are closer to getting it right

Training the brain to merge ideas

The idea driven organisation

how to kill creativity

Crossing ideas

19 ideas for promoting creativity in the classroom

A great creativity ted talk

TZ Chi _ Teaching Handouts  Domains - chrisbauman Conversation Videos

Slow Down _ S1 ; S2

Less equals more​ S1 ; S2

How schools kill creativity S1 S2

Bring on the learning revolution S1 ; S2

The power of "Not Yet" S1 ; S2

J.K Rowling speech _ Failure

PDF Handouts, Extra handout

How to gain control of your free time ; PDF Handout

The Art of being yourself; PDF Handout

The Human Voice - Using your voice well ; Handout ; Transcript

The Human Brain ; Handout

10 ways to have a better conversation ; Handout

Boredom is the key to creativity


What is the work you can't not do?

Handout (Nov 2017)

Homelessness handout (Jan 2018)

There is more to life than happiness Handout (Feb 2018)

Be Humble and the Philosophy of Water Handout (April 2018)

Teaching Kids to be Entrepreneurs handout(May 2018) 

Emotional First Aid

Handout (June 2018)

The art of Stillness Handout (August 2018)

Why aren't we more compassionate? Handout (October)

How to Build and rebuild Trust (November) Handout

Teaming - handout (December)

Habits (January)

The opposite of addiction is connection (February)

Skip the small talk (March)

10 thinks every social worker should know

Changing your perspective

Perspective another speaker

Design Thinking


Teachers feedback (Bill Gates)

How to raise successful kids without over parenting


Speaking Class

1. Week one (Animals)

2. week 2 (technology)

3. week 3 (weather)

4. Week 4 (Teaming)

5. Week 5 Art and Culture

5. Racing


7. Education in Australia

8. Alternative therapy              (doctor animation)

9. Family & Family hosting

Course 3


1 The Australian Wine Industry

2 Camping

3. Travel

4. Coffee

5. Driving

6. Art

7. Cooking

8. Sport

9. luck

10 Charity




1. alike animation 

2. Buying 5 Doughnuts

3. Helping others

4. German Coastguard

5. Blind man - The power of words

6. Another day in Paradise

7. Disney cartoon - think positive

8. Never Doubt yourself

9. bridge

10. piper

11. caveman

12. Surf lifesaving video

13. BBC News Bulletin English Learning

14. The Wagon

15. Stickman Race

16. Partly Cloudy

17 lambs



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